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Our company was founded several years ago after working for national and international landscape architecture firms across the U.S. and overseas.

Our experience has provided us with a unique perspective toward design and the holistic nature of our profession. We believe that each space has its own special character and is uniquely individual. Our goal is to develop evocative relationships between the environment and the senses by creating a harmonious connection between people, nature, and physical structures.

Our process involves collaboration with the client from project inception through completion. The result of this process is a greater understanding of the client's needs and desires which ultimately leads to the creation of spaces that are relevant and meaningful. Matthew Fair Jones, LLC is ready to begin this process with you and looks forward to being a part of your team. Please contact us at:

office: 612.822.6552
cell: 612.419.5106

landscape architecture
master & site planning
urban design

matthew fair jones . LLC